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UBASE brings the success and customer satisfaction to your business through providing the exceptional services.

UBASE Business Portfolio

UBASE Business Portfolio
UBASE Business Portfolio
Customer Service(CS)
01Customer Service(CS)

With the largest capacity of 15,900 seats in Korea, UBASE designs the highly customizable contact center model for each industry and company to provide the best customer experience.

  1. 160+Total Clients
  2. 11,000+Total Staffs
  3. 15,900+Total Seats
Engineering Service
02Engineering Service

We have the best infrastructure and engineers to provide differentiated engineering services in 18 centers nationwide.

  1. 150+Professional
  2. 18UBASE
    Domestic Center
  3. 99%Processing
    Success Rate
Strategic Alliance
03Strategic Alliance

We have a dedicated sales organization who creates the added value by performing overall sales marketing activities through on/off-line and Hybrid sales models.

  1. 170+Total Staffs
  2. 14Main Domestic Areas
HR Dispatch
04HR Dispatch

We provide the customized HR dispatch service by identifying customer’s needs in each business sector in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and further more help customer’s business grow.

  1. 35+Clients
  2. 10+Dispatchable Jobs

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