Our Service

UBASE provides customers with differentiated services and
optimized operational strategies and specialized services based on advanced analysis.

UBASE Service

UBASE constantly strives to offer new customer experiences by designing services in innovative way.
Through Omni-Channel including on/off-line, and mobile, we provide the exceptional customer experience.

New Idea
Always the new way
Differentiated Service
The service differentiated from any other
Integrated Solution
The integrated solution to address multiple needs at once
Unique Customer-Experience
Unique Customer-Experience for UBASE
Service Line for Industry

We operate ‘Expert Group’ on each industry to provide industry-specific services to the most recognizable brands in various industries such as distribution, finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications, and etc.

Bank & Financial Service
Onboarding New Customer

New customer sign up and service guideNew customer sign up and service guide

Data/Document Coding Management

Subscription document managementSubscription document management

Customer consent document managementCustomer consent document management

Financial transaction confirmation managementFinancial transaction confirmation management

Service guide and information supportService guide and information support

Marketing and Promotion Management

On-line marketing managementOn-line marketing management

Off-line marketing managementOff-line marketing management

Affiliate, sponsored marketing managementAffiliate, sponsored marketing management

Promotion guidance and managementPromotion guidance and management

Financial Crime Prevention

Financial fraud detection and risk managementFinancial fraud detection and risk management

Update financial transaction policiesUpdate financial transaction policies

Data Analysis

Investment strategy analysisInvestment strategy analysis

Call performance managementCall performance management

Call forecastingCall forecasting

Headcount calculation based on call forecastingHeadcount calculation based on call forecasting

Metrix chart analysis related to customer satisfactionMetrix chart analysis related to customer satisfaction

Metrix chart analysis related to promotionMetrix chart analysis related to promotion

Customer Retention and Response to Customer Inquiry

Editing customer informationEditing customer information

Loan screening inquiry responseLoan screening inquiry response

Membership managementMembership management

Product and service inquiry responseProduct and service inquiry response

Digital help desk operationDigital help desk operation

Correcting errors of customer agreementCorrecting errors of customer agreement

Loan terms guideLoan terms guide

Improvement of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveyCustomer satisfaction survey

NPS analysisNPS analysis

VOC collection and analysisVOC collection and analysis

Registration and sharing of best call with groupRegistration and sharing of best call with group

Review of call evaluation items and criteriaReview of call evaluation items and criteria

QA related feedback and trainingQA related feedback and training

QA process improvement and system developmentQA process improvement and system development

KMS managementKMS management

Mystery contact results sharing and feedbackMystery contact results sharing and feedback

Tailored Training

In-depth training by inquiry type and interaction channelIn-depth training by inquiry type and interaction channel

CSR assessment managementCSR assessment management

Training material managementTraining material management

Customer service script managementCustomer service script management

New employee trainingNew employee training

Planning and holding a CSR meetingPlanning and holding a CSR meeting

Claim Management

Reception and resolution of complaints for serviceReception and resolution of complaints for service

Arbitration and resolving of customer disputes and conflictsArbitration and resolving of customer disputes and conflicts

Reception of payment-related complaints such as purchases and refundsReception of payment-related complaints such as purchases and refunds

Creating Added Value

Obtaining marketing consentObtaining marketing consent

Acquisition of membership agreementAcquisition of membership agreement

Invitation to join affiliate serviceInvitation to join affiliate service

Invitation to loanInvitation to loan

Digital Analysis

360° Social Media strategy360° Social Media strategy

Social ListeningSocial Listening

Big Data Analysis strategyBig Data Analysis strategy

WFMS planningWFMS planning

Automation solutionAutomation solution

Creating Sales Opportunity


S2S(Sales to Service)S2S(Sales to Service)


  • 10+


  • 2,000,000+

    Annual Total Call volume

  • 97%+

    Response Rate

Optimized Service

Customized Service

In order to accelerate growth with business optimization in quality and performance to fit your brand,
we support customized service at each step for all around of business such as launching, expansion and advancement.

Incubating Service (Cloud-based Service)

Incubating Service
(Cloud-based Service)

Maximize operational flexibility

  • This service maximizes the flexibility and efficiency of operation beyond the physical limitations such as the cost, size, and location of contact centers. It offers the competitive advantage to customers by providing seamless customer contact channel and agile contact center operation service.
Multi-Blended Service

Multi-Blended Service

Enlarge operational scalability

  • It is a customizable service model by combining various services such as inbound counseling and outbound sales. It creates new added values and maximize customer's competitive advantage through contact centers.
Focused Service

Focused Service

Increase operational specialization

  • It is a service that develops and concentrates on the core services based on analysis of customer's business environment. Through an advanced operation model, we strengthen our expertise in core services in order to maximize our customer’s competitive edge.

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