Your Base, Your Partner, UBASE


UBASE "U" is an abbreviation of YOU and symbolizes customers, and "BASE" implies UBASE's willingness to support the best customer experience based on customer centric service and cutting-edge technology.

Among them, the letter "A" means that the customer and UBASE become one and describes the future of UBASE to achieve people centric corporate culture and value.

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It implies the value of UBASE by meaning the collaboration of 'good people' and the partnership of 'good company'.

UBASE Blue green

C:69 / M:33 / Y:37 / K:03
R:88 / G:140 / B:148

Blue green color is a combination of blue symbolizing trust and green symbolizing growth, and represents a good company that builds a partnership through trust and growth.

C:56 / M:46 / Y:42 / K:10
R:118 / G:120 / B:125

The gray color symbolizes humbleness and flexibility, and implies a good person who collaborates with various people and diverse customers.