UBASE Message

UBASE is a global leading BPO company that customers choose and trust.

We reduce costs, optimize service process and develop experts in each area for our customers.
We have built a long-term partnership with many of our customers who are satisfied with our services.


We constantly challenge ourselves to try on new things more than what we have already achieved in order to stay ahead of the changes in the market.

The thousands of enterprises we've met pointed that CS is critical to their enterprises, but still burdens them with the costs. They are looking for a right partner with the capacity to support them especially in the early stages of infrastructure development and with a field experience and guide a path to new markets in the growing needs for rapid business expansion.


We can answer that question with the confidence that the right partner for your brand is UBASE because we can solve all your issues with experience, infrastructure, and experts.

Going beyond traditional CS, Marketing and Sales, we have optimized services in all stages of customer interactions including understanding, meeting, and carrying. We have been expanding our business scope and exported our services to Asia based on the experience gained through the service to the domestic global clients. Continuous service and product development allows us to test new digital solutions and we are constantly creating new digital business success cases by adopting Chat-bot, AI, machine learning, and cloud services to various service ranges partnering with numerous global and IT companies.

The most important value and Why?

The most important value and Why?

Our most important value is people.
We make a constant effort not only to exceed customer’s expectation but also to help our agents to think outside of the box.
Our business is not just a customer consultation. It is a platform where the talents are produced and trained,
where everybody is respected and respect others, and where the job becomes a true role model.
It is one of our most important missions that we will create a corporate culture that is friendly to all employees
and create a happy working environment as much as being kind to our customers.
We will be your true business partner who can grow together for your new start.

U(Your) base, U(Your) Partner UBASE