WFMS (Work Force Management System) analyzes the trend of the
interaction by time and inquiry type to predict incoming calls and maximizes
the efficiency and stability of the operation through the
effective arrangement of the required personnel.

What’s different?

IT is a comprehensive Operation Management Solution that provides forecast reports on
operational status through real-time monitoring and enhances service quality
through customized training and an evaluation system.

  • Workforce
  • Agent
  • Operational
    Management Report
Workforce Forecast

Workforce Forecast

  • Forecast through Omni-channel trend analysis
  • Forecast through incoming call analysis by time period
Agent Management

Agent Management

  • Provides real-time monitoring data related to operation status and agents’ timetable
  • Provides customized training/evaluation/feedback system per agent
  • Provides integrated management tool including HR, evaluation, and performance
Operational Management Report

Operational Management Report

  • Provides practical management insights based on forecasting data
  • Provides service quality report based on counselor training index
  • Provides efficient management insights based on statistics on operational status
  • Maximizes operation efficiency through accurate forecasting
    Maximizes operation efficiency through accurate forecasting
  • Reduces operating costs through accurate staffing
    Reduces operating costs through accurate staffing
  • Reduces agents’ turn-over rate
    Reduces agents’ turn-over rate
  • Improves counseling expertise
    Improves counseling expertise


  • 15%15%

    Decrease in
    operating costs

  • 10%10%

    Increase in
    service accuracy

  • 10%10%

    Increase in
    CPH productivity

  • 15%15%

    Reduction in

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