Transforming to Business Process Management(BPM)
Platform beyond the traditional Business Processing Outsourcing(BPO) provider!

Since its establishment in 1998, UBASE has been an industry leader in C/S outsourcing sector in Korea based on its accumulated operational know-how and experience covering the various industries.

We believe that the survival of the company solely depends on the customer’s choice. To maximize the happiness and satisfaction of our customers,
we provide the best customer experience based on CRM expertise, the largest infrastructure and the best industry technology in Korea.

  • Strengthening core competencies by focusing on major businesses
  • Cost savings and efficient business management through economies of scale
  • Best customer experience through the introduction of the latest IT technology
UBASE Core CompetenciesUBASE Core CompetenciesUBASE Core Competencies

InfrastructureLargest, Clustered, Global

Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, UBASE operates the largest contact center in Korea(15,300 seats), equipped with the cutting-edge infrastructure. Our global presence through the centers in Japan and Malaysia allows us to cover all Pan-Asia clients


Know-howHigh Quality, Systematic
Attention to detail, End-to-End

We provide high quality end-to-end outsourcing service model based on the years of accumulated business know-how


PeopleProfessional, Passionate, Innovative

No.1 outsourcing service provided by professionals with passionate and innovative minds


Digital SolutionCutting-Edge, Unique

We achieve the maximum efficiency and productivity through the uniquely developed digital solution

UBASE Approach to Business
  • Understand
    Understand your business and pinpoint your needs to offer the best services.

    Business Analysis

  • Build
    Build trust in partnership through the timely communication.

    Business Consulting

  • Adapt
    Adapt the customized service for each business

    Customer Service(CS)

    Engineering Service

    Strategic Alliance

    HR Dispatch

  • Stabilize
    Stabilize the operation by constantly suggesting solutions to respond to the changing circumstances.

    Facility Management

    BPO Service Lab


  • Explore
    Explore the ways to increase the value of our customer’s business.

    R&D(Digital Solution)

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