Best Practice

With our core competences, we present the best strategy for the customers
based on their needs and circumstances in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Risk Management
01Risk Management

Upon various emergencies and accidents, we supported stable operation with prepared solution. We can promptly handle the emergency events by predicting the trends through VOC(Voice of Customers) and preparing the contingency plans.

  • 1Car Manufacturing Company B, Car defect Fire accident : Promptly dispatched additional agents to respond to sudden high volume calls
  • 2Fire Insurance Company, S Cold wave road assistance : Promptly dispatched additional agents to respond to the calls for road assistance due to abnormal cold wave
  1. 100%In-house resource
    utilization rate
  2. 99%Emergency call
    answer rate
  3. 90%+Emergency call

Based on a complete understanding of the customer's business, we promptly respond to the operational events flexibly and effectively.

  • 1Home Appliance Manufacturing Company S : Responding to the call spikes for a surge in seasonal item demand
  • 2Home shopping company G : Flexible workforce management system for 24/7 stable operation
  1. 300+Short-term
    (in 4 weeks)
  2. 600+Short-term
    seat expansion
    (in 2 weeks)
  3. 90%+Peak season
    answer rate

UBASE has been timely expanded seats and executed stable migration according to customer’s rapid sales and business growth.

  • 1E-commerce company E : Stable operation through rapid expansion of the seats as the customer's business grows
  • 2Fire Insurance Company S : Stable migration of the entire workforces transitioning from in-house to UBASE
  1. 10%+Total
    cost savings
  2. 0Rate of
    labor issues
  3. 300%+Rate of
    Contact Center

Combining UBASE’s unique solution with customer's needs and operational circumstances, UBASE provides the best customer experience.

  • 1Home shopping company S : Develop and Support the digital solution increasing order-complete rate and replacing the agent in weak time
  • 2Home Appliance Manufacturing Company S : Support the report for analyzing VOC in market and consumers’ preference for the new product by competitor
  1. 20%+Reduced
  2. 20%+Reduced
  3. 15%+Total cost

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